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"Polka Floyd is one of those rare bands that stands out from all the others. They're fine musicians AND they're different. Combining some "old world instruments" with "new world sounds" isn't easy, but Polka Floyd makes it fun and very entertaining." - Unknown Hinson


"The Polka Floyd Show walks a perilous musical path. Weird? Sure, using a style that is generally associated with older folks dancing at weddings to breathe life into pyschedelia is definitely strange. But the Polka Floyd Show also rocks out, especially on "Have A Cigar" and in its live shows, with a punky verve that freshens up the generally staid Floyd tracks. The end result is not a joke, but a puzzling and entertaining mix of strange musical bedfellows that get along better than you might think. "

- Rod Lockwood - The Toledo Blade


“Polka Floyd plays remarkably good renditions of all your favorite Floyd tunes with a polka twist that’ll have you jaw-dropped in awe at the stellar musicianship while laughing at the pure ridiculousness of it all at the same time.” - Ryan Bunch, Toledo City Paper, 9/12/07

"Guitarist, vocalist and arranger Ken Haas was careful to give Floyd fans a flash of recognition on these tracks before turning their drug-addled memories into double-time dance numbers; most of the tunes begin as close to the original as you can get with an accordion before bounding off into the land of beer and sausages. The inclusion of various interludes give this disc the pace of a Floyd record too.

While the focus here is definitely polkas, Eric Hite's nimble-fingered performance recalls other accordion genres as well; parts of this disc sounds like Zydeco or Klezmer while others inspire a mid-western square-dance. The gruff vocal delivery on "Have A Cigar" contrasted with Hite's whimsical accordion sounds like some crazed version of "Tommy's Holiday Camp" and the intro to "Hey You" sounds like street music for Cafe de Paris. "
- Mitch Phillips,


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